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inFamous: Second Son + Photo Mode (54/??)
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some info on the character creator in inquisition


  • there is a break your nose option so once you’ve chosen your nose you can then break that sucker
  • they don’t have anything implemented where you can fix yourself in the game if you don’t like how you look but they said that they tried to make the lighting be as neutral as possible in the character creator to make it so you don’t have a big shock in game
  • once again there is a break nose option to break the fuck outta your nose
  • cute undercut hairstyles
  • broken. noses.
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do u ever try to comfort someone and just feel like purple hawke

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The Redeemer - Dorian Pavus
Source: Dragon Age on Twitter

Which follower do you want to see next: Solas or Cole?

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@dragonage: The Mind. One left to go! Who’s your favorite so far? #DAI


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